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Musedo MT80 3 In 1 Chromatic Metronome Tuner


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Musedo MT80 3 In 1 Chromatic Metronome Tuner

The Musedo MT-80 Chromatic Metro-Tuner is a compact, lightweight, easy to use, 3 in 1 digital tuner, metronome and tone generator.

Unlike some other tuners, the Musedo MT-80 comes with a clip that you can put on your instrument that will eliminate all surrounding sounds when tuning. This can be very useful in an orchestral or ensemble setting.

The digital chromatic tuner shows you what note you are playing and tells you whether it is sharp or flat using the digital display. If the needle is pointing to the left, the note you are playing is flat, and if it is pointing to the right, the note you are playing is sharp. When the note is in tune, a green light will appear. If you are playing a C instrument such as the violin, viola, cello or double bass, be sure to keep the settings to 440Hz in the key of C.

The metronome has a tempo range of 30-280 beats per minute. You are also able to change the rhythm of the ticks (quavers, semitones, triplets etc.) and put an emphasis on the first beat of each bar (using a different pitch tick – like you would have on a traditional analogue metronome with a bell). The MT-80 is also one of the louder digital metronomes out there with quite a pleasant tone, making it preferable in a group setting

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Musedo MT80 3 In 1 Chromatic Metronome Tuner

Musedo MT80 3 In 1 Chromatic Metronome Tuner