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Jessie Ball

Jessie has been passionate about singing since a very young age. Jessie found her love for the arts in musical theatre and has performed on stage in over 30 productions.

Jessie has completed a musical theatre internship, Diploma of Musical Theatre, and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Drama. During her years of study, Jessie followed the call of teaching and has been offering vocal lessons at the academy since 2016.

Being a storyteller at heart, Jessie firmly believes in the power of storytelling through song, joy and the release that singing provides people. One of her favourite things about teaching is journeying alongside students and helping them discover their own beautiful sound, whilst covering the foundations of vocal health and technique.

Jessie enjoys being able to impact her students’ lives through growing their understanding of singing, helping to further the celebration of their voice. Jessie loves to sing and believes everyone can!