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Amelia Case

Amelia has been in love with music her whole life, learning many different instruments along the way. Her main instruments include piano, guitar, and ukulele. However, Amelia's true passion was discovered in studying the human voice. Amelia offers vocal, piano, guitar, and ukulele lessons at the academy.

Amelia achieved her Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Popular Vocals at the Central Queensland Conservatorium. She later completed a graduate certificate in Creative Enterprise, to further study creative industry and performance.

Seeing the need to help young musicians get a head start with live performances, Amelia tutors for music programs across the state. She has taught students to perform and sing with others, and perform self-accompanied since 2012.

She performs regular cover gigs around Brisbane in Amelia & The Grizzly and occasionally you'll see her popping up in original music lineups with her Electronic/Alternative pop band, Hus.