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Guitar Repair Services Guitar Repair Services

Guitar Repair Services

To have an instrument that sounds great and is easy to play, it will need to be correctly set up. Setups vary between players and when you drop the guitar into our store we’ll ask you a few questions about your playing style, the string height that you prefer and what string gauge you are currently using. This information helps us to accurately setup your guitar for your individual playing style and will make your guitar a joy to play.

The following things will affect your guitar’s action and playability: 

  • The relief (curve) in the guitar neck 
  • Bridge saddle heights (electric guitars) or saddle height (acoustics) 
  • Nut height (how far the strings sit from the fretboard when measured at the 1st fret)
  • Intonation (scale length for each string – this is only done for electric guitars and basses as these have individually adjustable saddles). Intonation adjustment for an acoustic guitar is classed as a repair, not an adjustment as the entire bridge of the guitar must be removed, repositioned and reglued.
A guitar requiring a setup may exhibit any of the following symptoms:
  • Fret buzz
  • Bad intonation (notes played open being higher or lower in pitch than the fretted note). A poorly intonated guitar is impossible to get a good sound from as it will always sound out of tune when being played.
  • An uncomfortably high action (this is one of the main reasons many beginners give up in the early stages of learning guitar)
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