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Brass & Woodwind Repairs Brass & Woodwind Repairs

Brass & Woodwind Repairs

Brass and woodwind instrument servicing and repairs play a vital role in maintaining the integrity and performance of these magnificent musical instruments. Our repair technicians possess the expertise to diagnose and resolve a wide range of issues, ensuring optimal playability and tonal quality. From routine maintenance, such as cleaning and lubrication, to intricate repairs and adjustments, these professionals meticulously restore instruments to their optimal condition. They address concerns such as leaky pads, stuck valves, worn springs, and damaged components, breathing new life into the instruments.

By offering reliable servicing and repairs, we help you extend the lifespan of your brass and woodwind instruments, safeguarding their value and enabling you to continue your musical journey with instruments that are in top-notch shape.

What the servicing includes

Brass servicing includes ultrasonic sterilising and cleaning of instrument & mouthpiece & replacement of water key corks. It does not include rolling out dents, items stuck in instrument or soldering parts back on- if these are required a quote will be submitted via text and needs to be accepted in writing (text) prior to commencement of work. * please note: due to the need use heat, dent removal and soldering can cause damage to the finish of the instrument. Dent removal will leave creases. 

Woodwind servicing includes sterilising instrument & mouth-piece, replacement of up to 4 pads, key corks, head cork and all adjustments required. It does not include replacement of tenon corks– if these are required a quote will be submitted.

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