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Drew Spies

Since he started banging on pots and pans at age 5, Drew's musical journey has developed from mild curiosity into full-blown passion. Whilst his speciality lies in drums, Drew is also proficient in electric/acoustic guitar, bass, and ukulele. He offers lessons in all of these instruments.

While completing his Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Performance at JMC Academy, he became interested in teaching and composing. The latter was showcased when he composed and performed a 40 minute piece of music following the poem 'The Divine Comedy'. He has also completed his AMEB Rockschool Grade 8 in electric guitar.

Drew has performed in many different projects and styles. He has even performed in venues such as The Zoo and The Foundry.

Across all of his instruments, Drew strives for a rounded approach to teaching. He hopes that with encouragement, musical knowledge, and nurturing their inner curiosity, his students will develop the burning passion for music that he has.